Dental Crowns in Coral Gables, FL

Dental crowns at Ortholine Family Dentistry are capped over teeth to restore and strengthen affected and cavity-ridden teeth. By covering the tooth, our dental crowns are able to hold broken teeth together while keeping them fortified. If you are undergoing root canal therapy, have a cracked or broken tooth, have multiple fillings in one tooth, have excessive cavities, or think you may need dental crowns for aesthetic reasons, ask one of our expert dentists at Ortholine Family Dentistry in Coral Gables, FL about dental crowns today.

Dental Crown Procedures and Materials

Our expert dental team may recommend that patients undergo dental crown procedures for a variety of reasons, including having a weak tooth, having a gap that requires a dental bridge, discolored, or chipped teeth.

Our Coral Gables, FL dental office offers different types of materials to create crowns. These include ceramic, porcelain, and stainless steel. For cosmetic reasons, many patients opt for porcelain and ceramic crowns. Ortholine Family Dentistry will gladly discuss the different options available to you at our Coral Gables, FL dental office and which would likely be the most suitable for your specific dental needs.

Dental crowns will usually require visiting our dental office twice. The first time is to examine the tooth and make any preparations necessary. Once the impression is taken of the affected area, it will be sent off to a lab. During the time between appointments, it is common to have our dentist place a temporary crown to protect the tooth. Once the crown is ready, the second dental appointment will be scheduled, and the permanent crown placed using dental adhesive.

At Ortholine Family Dentistry, we make crowns look and feel like regular teeth. Crowns can be used for restorative and cosmetic reasons at Ortholine Family Dentistry. Our goal is to help you create strong and beautiful teeth that keep you smiling. Dental crowns in our Coral Gables, FL dental office can last a decade or longer when cared for properly. For more information about dental crowns or to schedule an appointment, call our office today. We are proud to serve the Coral Gables, FL and the surrounding area.

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