Dental Bridges in Coral Gables, FL

While a single missing tooth could seem like no big deal, especially if it’s not visible in the smile, it could still cause some issues–minor problems like mild discomfort or difficulty while chewing food, to more serious complications that affect the speech and adequate nutrition. Not to mention, your self-esteem could take a blow from having a missing tooth.

Fortunately, our talented dental team at Ortholine Family Dentistry is skilled at placing dental bridges that serve to fill the gaps between your teeth in a seamless and natural-looking and feeling way.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is quite literally a bridge—it’s an artificial tooth known as a pontic that bridges the space missing between your natural teeth, or even with the help of dental implants. The healthy teeth that support the dental bridge are known as the abutments, and they help to keep the bridge securely in place.

The abutment teeth will need to be crowned or bonded with a framework that will firmly support the dental prosthetic. Usually, the prosthetic tooth will be crafted from porcelain and stained to match the natural color of your smile, so that the pontic is virtually undetectable.

The pontic sits between your natural teeth or dental implants, but not inside or below the gumline.

What to Expect for Your Procedure

When having a dental bridge placed, at least two visits to our Coral Gables, FL office is required. Traditional, Maryland, and cantilever dental bridges are among the simpler versions of this procedure, whereas the more complex implant-support dental bridge will require several appointments spanning over a few months to complete the procedure.

The initial appointment is all about preparation. The supporting abutment teeth will be prepped with crowns, or the metal or porcelain framework will be fitted. Impressions of the area will be made and sent to our high-tech laboratory where our talented technicians will create your prosthetic tooth.

We’ll fit you with a temporary pontic to bridge the gap while your permanent dental bridge is crafted.

At your second appointment, the temporary pontic will be removed, and the permanent pontic will be carefully secured in place. The feeling of your new tooth will take some getting used to, but in just a few days, you’ll hardly notice it.

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