Pediatric Dentists – The Best Dental Care for Children

Pediatric Dentists – The Best Dental Care for Children

May 01, 2020

Pediatric dentists are dedicated to caring for children’s dental needs from the first sprouting of teeth at 6 months and through their teenage years until they are ready to develop permanent teeth. They undergo specialized training, which gives those qualifications to attend to all kinds of dental problems involved with children’s teeth, gums, and mouth tissues through all childhood stages.

Infants start developing their first set of teeth at the age of 6 months; this is the right age to have a kid’s dentist check your child’s mouth, right from the start. At age 7, they start losing their baby teeth, and new permanent teeth replace them. If proper oral care is not maintained, your kid might be at high risk of developing tooth decays and other dental complications that could last a lifetime.

This is because children’s teeth are not yet fully developed and are more vulnerable to minor infections. In fact, studies indicate that dental cavities and tooth decays are more common than asthma and hay fever among children. There is more need to consult children dentistry at Coral Gables now more than ever before.


Pedodontists are just like regular family dentists but have extra training, particularly for children. Their training includes:

  • Complete 4-year course in a dental school
  • An additional two years of specialized training in children’s dentistry for infants, teens, and kids with special needs.

The extra two years of training give pediatric dentists at Ortholine Family Dentistry proficiency in the following ways:

  • They understand better the development of children physically and psychologically from birth to adulthood
  • They are able to understand the causes of various disorders among children, either inherited or caused by poorly attended teeth
  • They decipher each child’s nature and how their family, environment, and school impact their oral health
  • Kid’s dentists have a broad knowledge of child’s sicknesses and disabilities and their impacts on oral health

What Treatments do Pedodontists Offer?

With the above-acquired skills, pedodontists provide children with comprehensive oral care in the following ways:

  • Oral examinations which assess the child and mother for dental caries
  • Fluoride treatments and dental cleanings which protect the child’s teeth against possible dental infections. They also provide nutrition and dietary recommendations.
  • You receive habit counseling for your child, concerning pacifier use and thumb sucking
  • They detect the possibility of developing infection and stop it before it spreads.
  • They offer orthodontic treatments to correct uneven bites early before it’s permanent
  • They repair already existing cavities or decays before they advance
  • Diagnosis of oral infections linked to diseases like diabetes, heart disease, hay fever, and hyperactivity disorder
  • Pedodontists efficiently manage gum diseases and conditions such as ulcers, mucoceles, short frenular and children periodontal disease
  • Dental injuries such as knocked-out teeth, fractured, or cracked teeth are addressed by a pedodontist.

Where to Find a Pediatric Dentist

Pediatricians practice from various places and locations. This includes dental schools as well as medical centers near you. There are also private practices that offer private pediatric services. Consult your pediatrician for better inks with a children’s dentist around you.

Benefits of Pediatricians to Children

Just like most adults, children, too, have anxieties when it comes to dental treatments. The smell of drugs in the clinics, drilling sounds, and previous painful experiences they may have experienced are possible causes of anxiety. To counter the anxiety, children dentists have the following advantages:

Welcoming Environment

A very medical look might be scary and intimidating to children leading to distress and further anxiety. To prevent this, pediatric dental offices are decorated with attractive wall designs and toys for children to play with while they wait.

They have knowledge in dealing with children

Children can sometimes be nagging and intimidating, especially to people they don’t recognize. If they are treated unkindly by their dentist, especially, they could become agitated and hysterical. Kid’s dentists have unique training where they are able to remain calm even with irritating children. They are also able to handle children with special needs appropriately.

Primary Teeth Specialists

Regular dentists may lack the capacity to deal with baby teeth as they have a different composition with adult teeth. Baby teeth have thinner enamel, so pediatricians are able to administer treatments while avoiding further damage

They make oral treatment fun

Children naturally listen to other authoritative figures more than their parents. With that, it’s crucial to choose the pediatrician who will teach your children oral hygiene through fun lessons so they can enjoy going through the oral routine daily.

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